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On The Trail

Dick Stauffer monitors a nest box trail near Olds, Alberta, Canada consisting of 300 nest boxes targeting Mountain Blue birds and Tree Swallows, 5 Kestrel boxes, 2 Duck Boxes and 1 Great Horned Owl nest.

Dick has been banding on his trail for 15 years, banding over 900 Mountain bluebirds and 2500 Tree Swallows. Some interesting encounters have happened on his Trail.

April 2018
Mountain Bluebirds return to the area in mid-March and sometimes the weather is not all that spectacular.
Mountain Bluebirds nested in this box.

Leucistic Tree Swallow
Leucistic Tree Swallow - Banding data showed the bird was 4 years old.

Geo-Locater Research on Swallows
Geo-Locater Research on Swallows.
Bluebird colours.
Interesting color on male Mountain Bluebird two different birds many miles apart and two separate years. Dick would be interested what was the cause: evolution, diet, environment, etc.
Bad weather In May
Bad weather In May - 25 dead Tree Swallows in 1 nest box.
Nest Boxes as they should be
Nest Boxes as they should be.
Interior colour of nest boxes study.
2 Dual box study on interior color of nest boxes.
Day old bird hatched in nest with Day 14 Swallows
Day old bird hatched in nest with Day 14 Swallows.
Spray Issue
Spray Issue that had 5 dead Bluebird nestlings.
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