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Stauffer-Henley Inc. is based out of Olds, Alberta and owned by bird bander, Dick Stauffer. Dick is Mountain View County's resident bird bander, and can often be found sneaking up to unsuspecting rural birdhouses, collecting data and banding occupants.

Dick Stauffer is one of 50 or 60 people who monitor nest box trails between Black Diamond and Olds in Alberta, Canada. Of those fifty, he is in a more exclusive group of only twenty who band birds, and even more exclusively, one of only two who collect data on egg laying and incubation.

It's not the love of birds that keeps Dick Stauffer monitoring nest box trails, it's the love of science, and the thrill of data collection that keeps him interested.

Dick Stauffer has been monitoring and banding birds for over 15 years. His wealth of knowledge through this experience can cut your learning curve significantly.

The success of banding studies relies greatly on the cooperation of people who find and recover banded birds. The data from banding surveys is vital in giving us knowledge about bird ecology. Bird Bands provide valuable information about bird movement and life span. A leg band is imprinted with an individual number or symbol. Once the leg band is affixed, the bird is identified by this number or symbol.

At Stauffer-Henley Inc. we are eagerly interested in assisting and promoting a general understanding of Bird Banding, its value and how you can become involved. Stauffer-Henley Inc. offers a number of items designed specifically for handling small birds. Whether you're looking for banding tools, bird boxes or nest box traps, Stauffer-Henley Inc. has what you need.

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